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LMME 065 : Back to Basics – 10 Things You Need to Do To Build a Dream Law Practice

In today’s episode, I will be getting back to the core of what Legal Marketing Made Easy is all about… the basics of building and growing a successful law practice. Specifically, we will dig through the 10 things you need to do when starting a building a law practice to insure your success. Enjoy! Right […]

Did you make this HUGE mistake when starting your law firm?

How to use sex in your legal marketing

There’s no denying that if done properly, sex appeal sells for the majority of businesses that choose to use it.  We’ve all seen sex-appeal used effectively to sell anything from beer and cars to fragrances and soft-drinks. But for lawyers? Come on. No way.  Can you actually use sex in your legal marketing strategy? We’ve […]

Does your Law Firm make this Huge Email Marketing Mistake?

Yesterday I ran across a question from another lawyer on Google+ regarding email marketing. The specific question was, “I am interested in building a list of people that consult with me over the phone. Does anybody collect emails via staff over the phone?  Any thoughts on how to do this?” What I love about this question […]

What are your legal marketing numbers?

I bet if I walked up to ten lawyers on the street, and asked them what their legal marketing numbers were, 9 out of ten would have no idea what I was talking about, and the last one could tell me what their revenues were last month. But that is about the scope of knowledge […]

Avoid the Biggest Mistake that Lawyers make with their Online Marketing

You are probably salivating right now. What is the biggest mistake that lawyers make with their online marketing? It’s simple really – not asking for permission. What? That’s right – not asking for permission. I first heard of permission marketing when I read the great book “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin. This is such an […]

Legal Marketing Mistakes – #1 Lack of Focus

Today we finish up our series on the six legal marketing mistakes that solo and small firm attorneys make when starting a law practice. The topic of today’s post is lack of focus. Before we get into that, let’s quickly recap the first five legal marketing mistakes that I discussed: Not marketing at all Not […]

Legal Marketing Mistakes – #2 Practicing “Threshold Law”

We are getting ever so much closer to the number one legal marketing mistake that young lawyers and new solos make, but today we are going to talk about “threshold law” and why it is so dangerous to your practice. Yesterday we discussed legal fees and how to charge an appropriate amount. Threshold law goes […]

Legal Marketing Mistakes – #3 Not Charging Enough for Legal Services

Today we are continuing to charge through on this six-part series of legal marketing mistakes that new solos make as they start their own law firms. Yesterday we talked about the importance of documenting what you do in your law firm so that you can someday “replace yourself” so that your law firm can grow. […]

Legal Marketing Mistakes – #4 Failing to build systems into your law practice

Today we are continuing our countdown of the biggest law firm marketing mistakes that I frequently see from young lawyers with #4 – Failing to Document how you run your practice. A lot of you may be reading this and scratching your heads right now. That’s normal at this stage of the game. Remembering back […]