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LMME 065 : Back to Basics – 10 Things You Need to Do To Build a Dream Law Practice

In today’s episode, I will be getting back to the core of what Legal Marketing Made Easy is all about… the basics of building and growing a successful law practice. Specifically, we will dig through the 10 things you need to do when starting a building a law practice to insure your success. Enjoy! Right […]

LMME 064 : How to Use Webinars to Sell Legal Services

In today’s episode, I will be discussing how you can use webinars to sell legal services. Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 063 : Injecting Information Products into Your Law Practice with John Skiba

In today’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking again to John Skiba. John has recently started earning a nice supplemental income by using information products to help clients that might not otherwise be able to afford legal help. In today’s episode, we dive into what John has done to help this subset of the […]

LMME 061 : How to Prepare Your Solo Law Practice for the Unexpected

In today’s episode, I wanted to reflect on some of the personal struggles I had to deal with last month in the wake of my Mom’s passing. As a solo attorney, dealing with a major life event such as the death of a loved one, divorce, prolonged illness or any number of other issues can have […]

LMME 060: 5 Ways to Avoid the Post New Years Slump

Have you experienced the “post New Year’s Slump”? Are you in it right now? Chances are that you are. This means that you started the year firing on all cylinders, but now, as we finish off January, you are back to the same old routines. Want to crack out of that? Then today’s episode is just […]

LMME 058 : 6 Steps to Great Time Management for Your Law Practice

In today’s episode, I will be discussing the 6 Steps to Great Time Management as outlined in Chet Holmes book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. I’ve started implementing these rules in my own law practice, and have seen immediate improvements in my productivity. Enjoy! Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 057 : How to Set SMART Goals for Your Law Firm in 2016

In this weeks episode, I outline the characteristics of SMART goals for your law practice, and share my personal and business goals for 2016. Enjoy! Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 055 : Here’s the Marketing Mix I’m using to Build My Law Practice

In this week’s episode, I talk about the marketing mix of my new law practice, and how I’m using 3 specific strategies on a daily basis to hit my marketing goals. As most of you are aware, I’m in the process of transitioning my law practice from a family law practice to an intellectual property and brand protection practice. […]

Are you passionate about being a lawyer?

I’m not really kidding with this question. Do you really love being a lawyer? Several weeks ago I wrote a guest post for John Skiba’s JD Blogger website called “How I started my law practice over again at 40”. It was a heartfelt post about why I recently switched from a family law practice to a […]

Recharging my batteries at the beach… (and planning for the rest of the year)

Right now it is 6:17 AM, I’ve been up since 4:20 AM, and I have to admit, I’m struggling. I’m sitting at the kitchen table of our beachfront condo at Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms.  The view is spectacular, but the weather is balmy, even at this early hour.  Today is the last […]