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How to Attract More Paying Clients to Your Law Practice

I’ve been working extremely hard over the past several weeks to try to convince lawyers that 2014 is going to be the year of the Podcast. Yesterday I held my first Webinar in which I discussed why podcasting is such a tremendous opportunity for lawyers. Unfortunately, lawyers are a stubborn bunch… I received numerous responses […]

The Minimalist Guide to Avoiding Client Refund Requests

It happens to all attorneys sooner or later. You work really hard for a client, do great legal work, get them a great result, and then the client writes you a glowing review on Avvo… Right? Wrong. Actually, you do work hard for this client. You do some great legal work for them, answer all […]

Setting fees for your law practice… what NOT to do

The topic of fees, and what to charge a client generally, is typically very stressful for any attorney starting a law practice, whether experienced or not. I previously talked about marketing yourself as the “wise man on the top of the mountain”, and this advice holds true when you are deciding how to set fees […]

Legal Marketing Mistakes – #3 Not Charging Enough for Legal Services

Today we are continuing to charge through on this six-part series of legal marketing mistakes that new solos make as they start their own law firms. Yesterday we talked about the importance of documenting what you do in your law firm so that you can someday “replace yourself” so that your law firm can grow. […]