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LMME 065 : Back to Basics - 10 Things You Need to Do To Build a Dream Law Practice - Legal Marketing Made Easy

LMME 065 : Back to Basics – 10 Things You Need to Do To Build a Dream Law Practice

10 ways to boost your law firm web trafficIn today’s episode, I will be getting back to the core of what Legal Marketing Made Easy is all about… the basics of building and growing a successful law practice. Specifically, we will dig through the 10 things you need to do when starting a building a law practice to insure your success.


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In this particular episode, you will learn how to get back to the basics of building your law practice:

What does it mean to get back to the basics?  Here’s my list:

  1. Decide on what type of law practice you want
  2. Decide what types of clients you want to work with
  3. Create a perfect client Avatar – center you marketing around this.
  4. Get to know your practice area
  5. Write a short e-book to get your feet wet, build an audience, and establish credibility
  6. Start a podcast
  7. Develop an information product
  8. Establish Systems
  9. Hire Staff
  10. Go back to the beginning of this list, and start over.  But this time, write a “paper book” and send it to everyone you know that could refer you business.

How my Law Practice is doing after three months…

As many of you know, I launched my new law practice, Hawthorn Law, at the beginning of January. Here’s a look at the traffic generated in three months from my blogging and social media efforts…

Screenshot of Web traffic

Screenshot of Analytics taken on April 6, 2016

Action Items

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