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LMME 059 : 6 Systems You Need to Put Into Place In Your Law Practice

In today’s episode, I will be discussing 6 systems that you need to start working on in your law practice right away. Everything from marketing and lead generation, to crunching the numbers, this is a value packed episode.! Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 056 : It’s All About Progress, Not Perfection

In today’s episode, I will be discussing the progress I’ve made in building a new law practice since making this announcement to my Facebook following on November 18th, 2015. Enjoy! Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 055 : Here’s the Marketing Mix I’m using to Build My Law Practice

In this week’s episode, I talk about the marketing mix of my new law practice, and how I’m using 3 specific strategies on a daily basis to hit my marketing goals. As most of you are aware, I’m in the process of transitioning my law practice from a family law practice to an intellectual property and brand protection practice. […]

LMME 037 : Which Phases of the Client Life Cycle are you Ignoring to the Detriment of your Law Practice?

In today’s podcast, I talk about the three phases of the client life cycle.  Surprisingly enough, many lawyers ignore at least 2 out of the 3 phases of the client life cycle, and in so doing leave thousands of dollars of revenue on the table.  Are you ignoring any of these phases? Enjoy! Right click here […]

LMME 036 : How to Orchestrate More Referrals to Your Law Firm

If you are looking to orchestrate more referrals to your law practice, this is the episode for you. Whether you are just starting out on your own with a solo practice or you already have an established law practice that you are looking to kick into high gear, this episode will have the information you […]

How to Attract More Paying Clients to Your Law Practice

I’ve been working extremely hard over the past several weeks to try to convince lawyers that 2014 is going to be the year of the Podcast. Yesterday I held my first Webinar in which I discussed why podcasting is such a tremendous opportunity for lawyers. Unfortunately, lawyers are a stubborn bunch… I received numerous responses […]

Best of the Week for December 8, 2013

In this week’s “best of the week” segment, I only came across two articles worthy of sharing with you.  In my mind, there are three main reasons that the number of articles I’m finding that are worthy of sharing has gone down since I started this segment several weeks ago. First, I had a generally […]

6 things you can do to turn prospects into clients

If you own a law practice, and are trying to build it into a business that serves your lifestyle and not the other way around, then there is one simple thing that you need to become aware of – you need your clients to like you.  If they don’t, then you will never be able […]

How to approach a meeting with a referral source with confidence (and a thirty day challenge)

Last time I talked about one thing that you could do, today, to help drive more clients to your law practice. It involved picking up the phone and scheduling a meeting with a referral source once a day, everyday, for the next two weeks, (and beyond). Lots of lawyers are scared of taking this type […]

What one thing could you do to bring clients to your law practice TODAY?

People want immediate gratification. Get Rich Quick. Microwave dinners. Build a website in four minutes or less (it can be done). But building a successful law practice takes time. It can’t be done overnight. Do you remember who won the race between the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise did – “slow and steady wins […]