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LMME 066 : Bryan Marble from Amazelaw

In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview Bryan Marble from Amazelaw. Bryan shares with us his entrepreneurial journey, including how and why he started Amazelaw for lawyers. This is a great interview. Enjoy! Right click here to download the mp3

Why You Should Consider MeetEdgar for Your Law Practice – An Honest Review

Before I get to how I am using MeetEdgar in my law practice – how was your 4th of July? For me, picture three kids (all 5 and younger), my wife and I in a Honda Odyssey for 10 hours… one way. They three days with family trying to keep our 1-year-old from eating everything […]

LMME 045 : 6 ways to Systematize your Law Practice to Make you More Money

I had a great week this week, and it was all because of systems.  Systems are what make some law firms tremendously successful, while others stagnate in mediocrity.  In today’s podcast, I’m going to share with you 6 systems that you can start to implement immediately to make your law practice more profitable and successful. […]

LMME 024 : Luke Ciciliano, Lawyer turned Consultant

Our guest on the podcast today is Luke Ciciliano.  Luke is a former divorce lawyer turned SEO consultant for lawyers.  Today we go behind the scenes to discuss Luke’s journey from working at a defense firm, to starting his own law firm, to leaving the practice of law entirely to start a consulting practice.  There […]

What is the Goal of your Law Firm Website?

When thinking about what the goal of your law firm website is, many lawyers would be tempted to think it is “to get more clients”… but they would be wrong. If you are building a website for your law firm and your primary goal is only to “get more clients” then you are fighting a […]

Should you upgrade to Avvo Pro?

If you are reading this post, my sincere hope is that we are beyond the whole “should I even claim my Avvo profile?” debate… It goes without saying that, in my opinion, you definitely should claim your profile and I presume you have at this point… 5 Benefits of Upgrading to Avvo Pro In my […]

Why I love Infusionsoft for my law practice

I use Infusionsoft to automate much of the sales and marketing in my law practice. It is sort of like Aweber, but on crack. Now don’t get me wrong, Aweber is a fantastic piece of software, and to create a simple email list and send out auto-responders, Aweber does the job just fine – not […]

Best of the Week for December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays everyone.  Every week I like to take a couple minutes and post some of the more relevant and informative articles and blog posts that I came across this week.  I’m looking for articles that deal specifically with legal marketing, or are related to running and marketing a small business.  (If you didn’t already […]

Should you invest time and money into a case management program: A comparison of Rocketmatter and MyCase

Rocketmatter and MyCase are two of the leaders in cloud-based case management software. There are other companies that offer similar solutions, such as Clio, HoudiniESQ, and TotalAttorneys, to name a few, but I have not reviewed those here. You’ll notice that in this article, unlike other online reviews, I’ve decided to keep out screenshots for the […]

Law Firm Technology: Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Big glaring disclaimer here – I’m not a tech guy, and I don’t typically write about law firm technology. However, if you are thinking about or already in the process of starting your law firm, whether to invest (potentially) thousands of dollars in a server or go with a cloud based solution is a decision […]