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LMME 045 : 6 Ways to Systematize Your Law Practice

LMME 045 : 6 ways to Systematize your Law Practice to Make you More Money

6 ways to systematize your law practiceI had a great week this week, and it was all because of systems.  Systems are what make some law firms tremendously successful, while others stagnate in mediocrity.  In today’s podcast, I’m going to share with you 6 systems that you can start to implement immediately to make your law practice more profitable and successful.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

The 6 different systems you can put into place in your law practice to make you more efficient and profitable.  Included in this podcast is the following:

  1. What a system is and why it is important to successful law practices.
  2. How most average lawyers manage their law practice.
  3. 8 benefits to implementing systems into your law firm.
  4. How you can use systems to increase your effective hourly rate.
  5. The big management mistake that many lawyers make (hint, they are managing the wrong things).
  6. How my lead generation system has provided me a comfortable stream of new clients, on a consistent basis.
  7. The three key elements of an effective lead generation system.
  8. Why it is so important to use a phone script, and how to develop this for your law practice.
  9. 5 key elements that you must pay attention to when bringing prospective clients into your firm for an initial meeting.
  10. Some of the major considerations you need to think about when opening a new client file.
  11. How to appropriately close a client file, regardless of your practice area.
  12. Why it is so important to effectively follow-up with clients, even after the representation is concluded (and how to do this).

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