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What I learned by listening to Pat Flynn at the Gym - Legal Marketing Made Easy

What I learned by listening to Pat Flynn at the Gym

Do you listen to podcasts?

You may have listened to my podcast, which I stopped recording last November – but do you listen to any others?

Today I was listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn while I was at the gym. Pat was interviewing Chalene Johnson, an inspiring entrepreneur who talked about how to build a list of loyal, engaging fans.

Chalene Johnson shared an idea that, while not revolutionary, struck a chord with me for reasons that will become obvious in a minute. She told a story of a client of her’s that had asked for a refund. Her staff came to her and wanted to know what they should to do salvage the relationship.

Chalene’s response?

“Do Nothing. Let them go.”

You see, this client was not good for Chalene or her business. And changing her business to suit this one individual client was not the answer.

Do you see how this might resonate with you and your law practice?

When I first started my law practice, it was really hard to turn away potential new clients. But over time and after practicing for 10 years, I’ll be honest, it has gotten easier and easier.

Recently I made the decision to turn away all litigation files from my practice. I just don’t enjoy fighting with another attorney in the courtroom. Was this a big decision for my practice?


Was it the right one? You bet.

So moving forward today, and as we head into the fourth of July holiday – I suggest you try to find ways to limit your interactions with clients that you don’t enjoy working with. You may have to fire some clients. You may take a hit financially (in the short run).

But over time, I guarantee you will be a happier lawyer with better clients that you enjoy working with.

Enjoy your weekend.


PS – Remember that Tim Paige’s webinar is starting today. He’s going to share a lot of great information, including 4 things you can do to bring more qualified leads to your law practice. Here’s the registration link if you haven’t signed up already.

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