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LMME 038 : How to Market Your Law Practice Properly So You Don't Have to Sell

LMME 038 : How to Market Your Law Practice properly so that you don’t have to “Sell” your Law Firm ever again

How to market your law practiceIn today’s episode, I will discuss how to market your law practice properly so that you will never have to “sell” your firm to potential prospects ever again.  This is a strategy and technique that most lawyers don’t even know exists, and it could transform the way you practice law.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

A step-by-step process for implementing a marketing funnel into the “prospecting” component of your legal marketing efforts, including:

  1. A review of topics covered during last week’s episode, the complete law firm client life-cycle
  2. The three steps to pre-qualifying prospects that call your law firm
  3. An overview of how I have tackled this in my own law practice
  4. How to use Google Adwords to build a list of prospects
  5. Why it is so important to use a squeeze page in conjunction with Google Adwords
  6. What a “compelling offer” is and several examples
  7. How to build trust with prospects so that they will only look to you when they need a lawyer
  8. Benefits of using education based marketing with prospective clients
  9. Why your prospects will happily pay the fees you quote if you properly “pre-sell” them
  10. The dangerous mindset that most lawyers have about pre-selling their services in an automated fashion
  11. Why it is so important to focus on one practice are, and one “niche” within that practice area
  12. What you are NOT offering when you create your advertisements (advertise THIS instead)

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