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LMME 016b : Christian Denmon shares his secrets (Part II)

LMME 016b : Christian Denmon shares his secrets (Part II)

10 ways to boost your law firm web trafficToday’s interview is the second half of my recent interview with Christian Denmon, an up and comer in the legal world from Tampa, Florida.  In today’s episode, we talk about everything from law office systems, to phones, to case management programs you should be using in your law office.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  1. The one thing that held Christian back from starting his law firm.
  2. How to leverage friends and contacts to access office space when you are just starting your law firm.
  3. The biggest expense that most lawyers spend (or invest) their money on.
  4. Some tips and tricks to generate cash flow when you are first starting out.
  5. The best business advice that Christian ever received.
  6. How Christian learned to manage people when he first started hiring employees, and the importance of developing systems to help with this process.
  7. The systems that Christian has implemented to help him become successful.
  8. How Christian has implemented “if-then” systems in his law office.
  9. Why task management software is so important for a law practice.
  10. Why Christian loves a virtual phone system.
  11. The first thing that Christian would do if he had to start his website over from scratch.
  12. Why you need to optimize your website for mobile.

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