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Happy Fourth of July! - Legal Marketing Made Easy

Happy Fourth of July!

What a crazy week it has been!
This past Monday I finished up moving into a new office, Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to get some work done and meet with some clients, and then Thursday I drove from North Carolina to my sister’s house in Columbus, Ohio, with my Wife and our three kids.
Meanwhile, the kennel calls us because our dog needs emergency vet treatment due to fast growing abscess (sp?) on her foot…
Not to worry – by end of the day yesterday, we had left my sister’s to drive to visit “Grams” in Westlake, Ohio (outside of Cleveland). Our dog quickly recovered from emergency surgery (though it may take some time for my wallet to recover…), and everyone is settled in nicely to celebrate the Fourth.
And yes, this is the same dog that had to visit the emergency vet several weeks ago for eating magnets…
Crazy is this life we live, huh?
How did your week go?
Were you able to take some time off from the law practice to spend with family?
One of the things that I am really trying to build into my law practice is some freedom, which seems especially appropriate on this historic day that we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.
If we can’t take some time to enjoy ourselves and our family, then why bother spending all this time and money going to law school and working so hard to support our families every single day?
For me, I want more than that.  I don’t want to work in my law practice 80 hours a week. Some of you may – and if that is the case, I don’t begrudge you.
But I’ve got three kids now. A Wife that works way too hard in the house to watch after those three little monsters (I love them, I really do… promise 😉
And even though I love going into the office, and I love the work that I do, I want the freedom that comes with being able to take some time off and enjoy this life I’ve built for my family.
That’s one of the main reasons I work in a solo environment, as opposed to at a firm. I don’t want anyone to tell me when I need to be in the office, or how many hours I have to bill before I can feel comfortable leaving the office at the end of the day.
I don’t want to spend this beautiful weekend with my family worried about work back in North Carolina.
That’s one of the main reasons I have built an email list for myself. But in my law practice, and with Legal Marketing Made Easy.
With an email list, it is easy to “scale” my practice and automate a lot of the marketing and administrative tasks that someone (either me or my assistant) would have to do at the office.
This costs me money and, even more importantly, it costs me time. Time that I could be spending with my family. Time that I could be wrestling with my son, reading with my daughter, or eating dinner with my family.
My email list is my most important asset. So my question for you is…
Do you have a list? I want to know.
Here’s a quick, 2 question survey for you to review and let me know what your status is with building your list.
I would really appreciate it if you could take 30 seconds and fill this out real quick.
Then get back to your family and your local Independence day parade.
Once more, here’s that link:
Thanks in advance for your help – and once again…
Happy Fourth of July!
PS – Were you able to attend the webinar that I recently told you about?  How’d they do?  If you attended, please shoot me a quick email and let me know whether it was as awesome and informative as I had thought it would be…


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