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LMME 029 : 10 law firm resources that I can't do without in my law practice

LMME 029 : 10 Law Firm Resources I Can’t Live Without

10 ways to boost your law firm web trafficIn today’s episode I’m going to be reviewing the 10 law firm resources that I absolutely, positively, could not be without in my law practice.  From case management programs, to virtual phone systems, I touch on all of them here.  As an added bonus, at the end of the podcast I review my honorable mentions – several other resources that, even though I don’t use them everyday, are vital to my success and productivity as a lawyer.

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10 Law Firm Resources that I absolutely, positively, must have for my legal practice

  1. MyCase – A cloud-based case management program that I use on a daily basis.Here is a full review of MyCase that I published several months ago.
  2. Quickbooks Online – Syncs great with MyCase.
  3. Google Apps – I use Gmail in conjunction with ScheduleOnce to schedule phone conferences with clients.
  4. Box.com – Used on a daily basis to manage all client documents and files.  Has a great app for the iPad.  Also makes it super easy to securely share documents with client through the cloud.
  5. Infusionsoft – A robust and powerful email marketing program that I use to handle all my back-end email marketing.  Here’s an article I wrote on why I love Infusionsoft in my law practice.  A good, though not as powerful, alternative is Aweber.  I use Aweber to produce auto-responder messages for Legal Marketing Made Easy.
  6. Vonage for Business – My virtual, VOIP phone system.  Will ring to a hard phone on my desk, my iPhone, or to a soft phone on my computer.
  7. SweetProcess – An online repository to create systems, procedures and processes for your law office. Click here to receive a free trial.  To get a sense of how SweetProcess works, here is a sample procedure that Michael Hyatt created called, “How to prepare for a Skype Video Interview.”  Here’s a great video that shows how SweetProcess works:

  8. Screenflow for Mac (to take a video of actions you perform on your computer) and Snaggit (to take and edit screenshots of your computer).  If you have a PC you can use Camtasia in place of Screenflow.
  9. Focus at Will – Music that makes you more productive.
  10. Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner – This is how I get all my paper into my computer and up into the cloud.

 Honorable Mentions:

  • Evernote – Here is a great article from Michael Hyatt on how to be more productive with Evernote.
  • Asana – A project management program for the cloud with apps for your mobile device and tablet.  The best part about Asana is that it is free!
  • Boomerang for Gmail – A great little plugin to make you more productive with your Gmail account.
  • Sanebox – Organizes and filters your email inbox, automatically.
  • RescueTime – Monitors your activity to let you know how productive you have been and track your time.
  • OmmWriter – Free writing tool for journaling and free-writing.
  • Ulysses – Another great writing tool that I use to compose blog posts.

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  1. Great podcast — thanks for the tips. Nice to have all of these in one place. One thing you might want to look at is Gqueues for Gmail. Let’s you click one button on any gmail email and set up a task. I’ve used it in my lawfirm for about a year. I just discovered your podcast and am enjoying the shows — looking forward to your Academy. Thanks! John Watts

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