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LMME 019 : Using a book to market your law practice with John Fisher

LMME 019 : How to use a book to market your law practice – an interview with John Fisher

John FisherIn today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with New York Medical Malpractice Attorney John Fisher on how to use a book to build and market your law practice.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

John’s Inspirational Quote

“Tomorrow is promised to no one.”  – Walter Peyton

John Fisher PodcastIn this particular episode, we discuss the following 20 topics, and much more:

  1. How creating a niche practice has helped John to succeed.
  2. How defining your ideal “client” can greatly assist your marketing efforts, and why John’s ideal client is not who you would think.
  3. Why you need to differentiate yourself from all the other lawyers in your practice area – and how writing a book can do this.
  4. The true “cost” of writing a book – or NOT writing a book.
  5. Why John believes that writing a book is an investment that can work for you your entire career.
  6. How to use a book as the centerpiece of your legal marketing efforts.
  7. Using an e-book vs. publishing an actual, physical book.
  8. How to implement trust-based marketing in your practice.
  9. Why a book is the business card that nobody will ever throw away.
  10. How John went from being laid off to starting his own law practice.
  11. The first things that John after he was laid off, and why they have contributed to his success.
  12. Why it is important to have policies and systems for everything in your practice.
  13. Why John’s purpose, values and mission are so important to his firm.
  14. John’s definition of an ultimate employee, and why John doesn’t hesitate to fire quick.
  15. The criteria John uses to weed out his clients – and why the quality of the case is not the most important factor.
  16. How to use your book to sell yourself to your prospective clients.
  17. The value of testimonials, and how to get them from clients and referral sources.
  18. One of the most under-utilized tools in a law practice.
  19. The second-most important tool that John uses to marketing his law practice.
  20. The 100% rule – and how to implement it into your law practice.

What held John back from starting his own law firm?

“Security, comfort, and he was ‘scared like crap of doing it.’ ”

What is the best business advice that John ever received?

“You can’t rely on anyone else to take care of you.”

A personal habit that John has which contributes to his success.

“Checking email only twice a day.”

A tool or resource that John recommends.

“Trialworks for practice management – and get a graphics designer and fulfillment provider for your newsletter.”

A book that John recommends to anyone starting a law firm.

The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

Parting words of wisdom…

“Learn as much about marketing as you can.”

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