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5 Strategies to finding your perfect client [Podcast]

LMME 005: 5 strategies to finding your perfect client [Podcast]

finding your perfect clientIn today’s episode, I will be discussing 5 simple and easy to implement strategies to help you find your perfect client.  Following the suggestions in this podcast will help you to start to actually enjoy practicing law again by working with clients that you enjoy and want to help, and weeding out the clients that take all the time and energy out of your practice.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

5 easy to implement strategies for finding your perfect client and actually enjoying your law practice – here’s a quick preview:

  1. Pick one practice area and stick to it.  You can always add more practice areas later.  When you are just starting out, it is best to pick one practice area and stick to it.  Juggling more than one practice area can cause you problems and headaches, as I discuss in the Podcast.
  2. Find a sub-niche within that practice area to further specialize your practice.  One of the best things I did after I focused my practice on family law was to dive even deeper into a couple of family law areas, leaving other, less desirable (to me anyway) family law cases to other lawyers.
  3. Create an avatar of your perfect client.  In the podcast I will show you how to do this, who you want to emulate, and what characteristics you should be looking for in your avatar.
  4. Fire all of your worst clients. Your worst clients will take up your time and energy.  You know who they are.  You cringe everytime they call, and they call multiple times a day.  There is always a “fire to put out” with these clients.  Fire them all and see your practice flourish as a result.
  5. Weed out bad clients with your fees.  One of the best ways to weed out bad clients before they even get to your office is by charging an appropriate fee and not offering a free consultation.  You’ll thank me for this advice later.

Action Items

  1. Follow the strategies on the Podcast to try to weed out your bad clients and focus your marketing and time on the clients that you actually enjoy working with.
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